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Outside, cementocytes are localized, they have an elongated shape, a few processes, perpendicular to the dentin. Between them is a cell-free cement, represented by parallel fibers.

Since the exact etiology of abfraction defects has not been established, it is believed that the treatment of patients should be comprehensive and combine the use of reminerazing therapy, replacement of defects with artificial crowns or restoration with composite materials, the use of braces and the use of neuromuscular dentistry methods.

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Diseases of the teeth can pose a serious danger to human health and bring a lot of inconvenience and discomfort associated with pain and defects.

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Diseases can affect the hard tissues of the tooth, its enamel or roots, many of them are capable of transforming into various forms, exacerbating and passing into another disease. What are the main dental diseases, you will find out below.


Diseases of the hard tissues of the teeth cause defects, different in nature and volume, of the coronal part of the tooth. The degree of damage to hard tissues also depends on the age of the process and the timeliness of thethis dental intervention.

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